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We have made a commitment to provide the very best customer service available by any online florist anywhere in the world.

Reduced Item
Fewer flowers, similar style.
Regular Item
A nice vase arrangement.
Upgraded Item
More flowers, more roses,
fuller and larger.

Above is an example of what the difference between reduced, regular and upgraded versions of the same item would generally look like.

Q) What is the difference between reduced, regular and upgraded price options?
A) When ordering upgraded items you are giving us more value with which to fill your order to the best possible standards. Flowers and/or containers of better quality may be added, or more typically, we add more flowers and flowers of greater variety. Florists have many ways of making a regular arrangement become extra special, and this is the choice we are attempting to provide our clients with when choosing the upgraded option. Please note: if a specific number of stems has been indicated in the item description (i.e. 12 roses), this will generally not change when choosing the upgraded option.

The regular option is designed to best resemble the photo we have provided. When choosing the reduced option we will generally make the arrangement look very close to the photo shown, but with less flowers or less complementary smaller flowers and greenery. We always endeavor to maintain the general appearance and intent of the photo shown when filling to the reduced value. In cases where you have ordered 3, 6, 12 or 24 roses, the reduced option will always be delivered with the full number of roses shown on the web site.

Q) Why do the prices seem high?
A) There are two reasons why the price you see may seem high:

1) The price is all-inclusive. There are no additional service fees, taxes, or delivery charges. The price you choose is the TOTAL price you pay in US funds, period. Other companies may seem lower at first, but once additional fees are taken into account you will find that we are highly competitive. We believe our pricing system is upfront, and therefore simpler for our clients. This pricing philosophy alone separates us from the vast majority of our competitors.

2) The prices on this web site have been adjusted to reflect various national median prices for the items shown in different countries worldwide. Because there are sometimes wide fluctuations in flower product prices across regions or cities within a country (especially between large urban centers and smaller cities) it is necessary to price the flowers accordingly in order to make sure the recipient receives the best possible product available, regardless of where that might be in the nation.

3) Our flowers and roses are delivered fresh to your door. Our flowers are not delivered in a box by courier. Many of our flower arrangements are delivered fresh to your door in a vase, and arrive already in water, arranged and appropriately treated for greater longevity.

Q) When will my flowers arrive?
A) Your flowers will arrive on the delivery date chosen, provided you have requested a delivery date that falls within the guidelines indicated for the recipient's time zone and region. For more details regarding delivery, please review our delivery page -- and always make sure to read the delivery information found on every single item online at WFN.

  • Next day delivery is generally available throughout many countries worldwide (except for Holidays and weekends) when an order is placed online prior to 9 pm GMT or 4 pm EST.
  • Same day delivery is also possible weekdays in USA and Canada if the order is received prior to 9 pm GMT or 4 pm EST.
  • For former USSR countries, 48 hours minimum is required.
  • At WFN, sympathy orders always receive priority status.

Q) How can I trust WFN with my Credit Card # and personal information?
A) We recomment you read our privacy and security pages for detailed information. We have been in business for over 45 years selling flowers worldwide. We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau, as well as the World Flower Council. We have successfully serviced more than 500 thousand unique orders across the globe. We are a leading FTD and Teleflora florist, and are recipients of multiple awards from both leading wire service companies worldwide.

VeriSign Secure SiteOur ordering area is secure for your credit card protection. Our secure key has been provided by VeriSign, the world-leader in online encryption technology, and e-commerce services. Additionally, we do not retain any credit card information on our web server. We retain your personal information for ordering purposes only (and this is protected on an entirely different system). No information about you (the sender) or the recipient is sold to any third party at any time whatsoever. Also, you will not receive any unsolicited mail without giving us prior permission to receive special product offers.

Q) Will the flowers look exactly the same as the photos on this site?
A) Flower arrangements are handmade, and as such no two are ever identical. Every effort is made to fill your orders as closely as possible to the photos from which you are ordering from. In some cases, a city or region may not have some items in stock that we are advertising in our web site, in which case careful substitutions of equal or greater value will automatically be made. This is a standard practice used by florists worldwide. We will always strive to maintain the value and integrity of the item chosen. Note that when an item description specifies the number of stems of roses, these will never be substituted with other flowers. When you order roses, the recipient will always receive roses. When you order 12 roses the order will always contain 12 roses...

Shop online where the price you choose in USA funds is the TOTAL price you pay. There are no extra taxes. There are no added delivery fees. There are no added service charges. The price you choose is the all-inclusive, total price. It's that simple!

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