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All prices on the Worldwide Floral Network, are the total, upfront and all-inclusive price you will pay in US dollars.

  • There are no additional service fees, taxes, or delivery charges at check-out. The price you choose is the TOTAL price you pay in US funds, period. Other companies may look cheaper at first, but once their extra service fees, shipping or delivery fees are taken into account, you will find that we are highly competitive. We believe our pricing system is upfront, and therefore simpler for our clients. This pricing philosophy alone separates us from the vast majority of our competitors.

At WFN, customers have the option of choosing reduced, regular, upgraded or regional flower arrangements.

Here is a visual example of what the difference between reduced, regular and upgraded may look like for a simple vase arrangement.

Reduced Item
Fewer flowers, similar style.
Regular Item
A nice vase arrangement.
Upgraded Item
More flowers, fuller and larger.

When choosing the reduced option we will generally make the arrangement look very close to the photo shown, but with less flowers or less complementary flowers and greenery. We always endeavor to maintain the general appearance and intent of the photo shown when filling to the reduced value. In cases where you have ordered 3, 6, 12 or 24 roses, the reduced option will always be delivered with the full number of roses shown on the web site.

The regular option is designed to most closely resemble the photo we have provided.

The upgraded option typically includes more flowers, greenery and complementary flowers, or flowers of a higher grade and value than those found in the regular option.  Occasionally, where possible, the upgraded option may include added ribbon or novelties, and/or specialty containers. Generally the receipient will receive a larger, fuller arrangement of flowers. Please note: if a specific number of stems has been indicated in the item description (i.e. 12 roses), this will generally not change when choosing the upgraded option.

In some under-serviced rural areas or in some large urban centers where costs are typically higher for flowers and floral products, we recommend ordering the upgraded item.

In order to ensure our customers receive consistent, high quality delivered products, we are introducing a new, regional price option which is designed to ensure value, integrity and beauty for deliveries to remote areas where costs are substantially higher. Please note that the regional option will result in delivered items that resemble the photo (and description) online. A regional option is not an upgraded or premium version of the item. About 5% of all orders at WFN require the regional price.

We realize it is not always possible to know in advance if the delivery is being made to a remote rural area and you may not know which price option is the best for you. Please feel welcome to contact us in advance of ordering online, or rest-assured that we will personally contact you after your order is placed online, if any changes are required.

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